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Kidnapped Cookies Digital Download

Kidnapped Cookies Digital Download

Digital download includes:

  • Student Worksheets for The Case of the Kidnapped Cookies
  • Suggested Cross-Curricular Activities for The Case of The Kidnapped Cookies
  • Detailed Teachers Manual for The Case of the Kidnapped Cookies


The activity involves investigating the theft of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies

  • Students need to figure out which of their staff members took the warm, chewy cookies
    • Clues involve a ransom note written in Spanish, cut from several different local newspapers, with a red stain (possibly lipstick?) and white powder and soil left near the note
  • Students to determine whose DNA is on the envelope the note was found in
  • The activity also involves a trial for the culprit
  • The guilty party pays for free cookies for everyone as a sentence
  • For middle school students
  • Class size: 30 students


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